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An air gun (also called pellet gun) is any variety of projectile weapons that propels projectiles by means of compressed air or other gas, in contrast to firearms, which use a propellant charge. The rifle and pistol forms (air rifle and air pistol) typically propel metallic projectiles, either pellets, or BBs. Certain types of air guns, usually rifles, may also propel arrows. Airsoft guns propel plastic projectiles.

We at Tanganyika Arms provide you with quality products which have no comparison nationwide. We bring to you quality products in well kept conditions also provide you with methods of safeguarding the good condition of the products. We strive to be innovative in our approach. The results are innovative quality products that last!, Tanganyika Arms believes that a great day at the range or out hunting starts with having the right equipment. We dedicates to fulfilling those needs. We continue today to bring out products that the active shooters desires and we hope that we can make your life a little easier and enjoyable.

Shopping for air rifles? Find the perfect match at our shops.

No matter what type of air rifle you need, We are here to help – removing the guesswork from your next air gun purchase. Already know what type of shooting you plan to do? You can also shop for air rifles by caliber:

Hunting: Hunting air rifles are typically caliber 5.5mm (.22) and larger
Target shooting: The most popular type of air rifle for target shooting is  caliber 4.5mm (1.77)
Pest control and small game: This requires a more powerful caliber 4.5mm (1.77) or caliber 5.5mm (.22) air rifle
Competition: Competition air rifles generally fall in the caliber 4.5mm (1.77) category.

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